Welcome to my website #

Here you can find information about me and what I have done in my professional life so far. This site is a static website, I do not change its content very often. You can access my dynamically updated articles on my Blog and the codes I share on my GitHub page.

I have a hard time defining myself under one profession. I have had the opportunity to take part in the state-of-the-art technologies for many years and have been involved in many studies, so I find it more appropriate to describe myself under different roles in separate sections.

Developer #

As an early teenager, I had a Commodore 64 Computer and dived into the software world with this 8-bit home computer. I started writing programs in machine language when I was in high school because at that time you had to find the most effective way to write software within 64K memory. Later, I had the opportunity to follow rapidly developing software technologies over the years. Number of programming languages you know does not matter. They are very similar to each other and it is not important how many languages you know. It is wisest to choose whichever software language or technologies are advantageous for the work you are doing. Still, over the years, you learn some technologies better and use them more easily than others. I worked for a very long time in technologies that use languages such as C, C++, Turbo Pascal, Java, Python, Javascript, and wrote a lot of lines of code for more than three decades. I lectured Java and Python courses at the university.

Project Manager #

To date, I have had the opportunity to work on over 20 large projects that lasted between 1 and 4 years, not counting the small or canceled ones. I also worked as project manager in nearly half of these projects. Among these, there are the European Union 6th Framework project, many TÜBİTAK projects, CFCU (Central Finance and Contracts Unit) projects and projects developed with the equity resources of Hemosoft Company, of which I am a partner.

Software Architect #

When you are involved in so many projects and become a software developer who writes code yourself, you evolve into a software architect over the years. It is very important to make the right design decisions at the beginning of the project and to stick to the decisions made. In the following years, I lectured in this field at the university.

Teacher #

I love teaching. I worked as an adjunct lecturer at the university, mostly courses in the software field. Naturally, I also shared my experiences with my young colleagues on the projects I worked on. Many of my friends have now completed their doctorates and taken their place in the academic world.

Researcher #

Since the majority of the projects I worked on were R&D projects, I also had to work as a researcher in the scientific field. Since I already had an academic foundation at the doctoral level, it was inevitable that I would turn to this direction.

Learner and Blogger #

Since my childhood, I tried to read and learn everything I could find. After the spread of the Internet, this work became much faster and easier. However, along with too much learning, it also brings with it too much forgetting. I must admit, when I first started blogging, it was by compiling notes I took for myself. Then I decided to share this information with others. Since the notes I had previously taken were written for myself, they need to be edited. When I have time, I try to turn these notes into a blog post and add them to my site. I am trying to discipline myself to note newly learned things directly as a blog post.