Safe Transfusion Decision Support System

TÜBITAK-Blood Supply Chain Management And Effective & Safe Transfusion Decision Support System Blood Bank Information Management System, in order to keep on track with the recent progress in the field of blood supply services. The system is planned to encompass error prevention tools, warning and decision support mechanisms and further supported by RFID and location information system technologies. The outcome of the project would enable effective management of blood banking and transfusion medicine services in full compliance with new standards and legislation on local, regional and national levels and lead to an increase in the efficacy of these processes and quality of the services offered.


Integration Manager

Turkish Red Crescent Excellence Project (IT automation, infrastructure, professional training and technical assistance) The main objective of this project was to improve the quality of the blood chain system from blood donation to blood transfusion by development of innovative IT solutions, implementation of these components nationwide (extending / implementing the IT network to all transfusion centers, regional laboratories, and all new blood establishments), and training professionals at these establishments. Within the scope of the project a national blood banking and transfusion automation network throughout the country connecting TRC Society’s headquarters, regional blood centers (RBC, 17), blood donation centers (DC, 64), regional laboratories (4) and related transfusion centers (1200 hospitals) was established, over 1,300 personnel trained, and related technical assistance services provided.

Hemosoft established IT components composed of: • Central blood information management system • Central laboratory management system • Blood and blood products quality management system • Online/offline mobile blood donation management system • Spatial information supported management and decision support system • Radio frequency identification (RFID) based labeling, logistics and inventory management system • Quality management system • National voluntary donor recruitment system • StemCell donor management system • Hospital transfusion centers blood product identification and tracking system • Haemovigilance and transfusion feedback system