As a result of major developments and changes in information technologies and blood banking, solutions are needed to meet the new expectations and requirements in the blood banking market. Some of these requirements; (i) creating infrastructures that will enable the processing of big data collected and transforming it into meaningful information in order to identify new relationships and strategies that can improve blood collection-processing-storage-distribution-transfusion practices in favor of the patient and donor (ii) the concept of personalized blood management (reducing transfusion risks and unnecessary blood flow). (iii) developing solutions that will provide computer-aided management of blood component production processes for fractionation (plasma drug production) with special standards and requirements (many countries, including Turkey, are establishing national fractionation facilities to reduce foreign dependency). is attempting). In order to meet these needs, our project aims to develop personalized blood management software and fractionation management software with decision support mechanisms, to create an integrated system by integrating these software with our company’s existing products, and to develop a machine learning platform that can be used at decision points in all processes followed by this integrated system.