TUBITAK QuantiDrugSense – A Quantitative Micro Fluidic Based PoC Drug Detection System Development of a micro-array based detection system working with the methodology of chemiluminescence immunoassay for detection of drug abuse.

Kaygın S. (Manager)

In our country and European countries, the amount of drug use and especially the number of fatal traffic accidents caused by drivers under the influence of drugs are increasing. However, there is no portable device that makes quantitative measurements that law enforcement can use to detect drug use in drivers. The current devices used for this purpose in the market are capable of producing results on a yes/no basis and with relatively low reliability. For these reasons, measurements made in traffic with existing devices do not constitute evidence in court, nor do they create a deterrent for drivers. In order to fill this field-oriented technology gap and market need, a portable measuring device that will allow the detection of various drugs (cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana, etc.) in different biological materials (sweat, urine, saliva, etc.) and can quantitatively detect drug use has been developed. aims to develop. The approach to be used in the detection of active substances in the device to be developed will be the application of a microsequencing-based immunoassay method on microfluidic structures. With the development of this device, it will be possible to detect drug use effectively in traffic, and at the same time, a tool will be configured that will allow more effective combat against drug use by applying it in other inspections and, if necessary, even in educational institutions.