Vigenos Plus (VIGENOS)

Vigenos Plus (VIGENOS)

The first step required to understand the genetic mechanisms that cause diseases is to determine the chromosome location of genes and to isolate the gene responsible for the disease. Research groups devoted to gene mapping and gene discovery are increasing in our country. Different universities of Ankara show great interest in this field. The primary and first target group of our project includes genetic analysis, research and diagnosis centers/departments affiliated with hospitals, universities, private organizations or government institutions, expert and auxiliary personnel working in these units, and clinics that are interested in the genetic characteristics of diseases and carry out research projects in this direction. There are clinicians on duty.

Unfortunately, our country has a high prevalence and diversity in terms of genetic diseases due to the prevalence of consanguineous marriages, especially in certain regions. Although this situation is a negative indicator in terms of public health, it puts our country at the forefront in terms of data acquisition and research resource potential in research in the field of genetics, which is one of the rising sectors in the world and one of the most open to development. However, until now, all European and foreign scientific circles have viewed our country as centers where only these data will be provided, and have requested samples from our researchers from which they can obtain data, and have included our researchers in their projects as sample providers only.

Currently, centers and researchers operating in this field, especially in Ankara, are experiencing difficulties in analyzing the valuable data they have obtained regarding these genetic diseases encountered in our country and in drawing meaningful conclusions from them. The main reason for this is that they do not have the technology and tools that will facilitate these complex analyses. Our project is aimed at providing this innovative technology that researchers need, and by supporting the work of our researchers in this field, it will contribute to our region and our country, especially Ankara, gaining the leading position it deserves in this field.

As a result of a multidisciplinary study, our project aims to develop a new product (software) for genetic data analysis for our country and the world. While achieving this goal, a software that our company had previously developed for a research project, but which could not be offered for commercial sale because it was a product that emerged as a result of an experimental study specific to this research project, will be transformed into a commercial product by adding innovative features and technologies. Even by using this program called VIGENOS, which was developed specifically for a research project, it was determined that 4 new gene mutations caused different diseases under the responsibility of Hacettepe University, and the publications were published in the leading journals of genetics. Over the past period, as the system has been recognized on the academic platform, national and international researchers have shown intense demand and interest in our company regarding the subject. This intense interest and demand was one of the main factors that triggered the creation of this project proposal.

By turning the findings obtained through the use of the system, which will be the output of the project and named VIGENOS PLUS, into a commercial product in the medium term (production of diagnostic kits for the detection of genes that cause diseases), groundbreaking improvements in the early diagnosis and treatment of these diseases can be achieved. In this case, it will be possible for patients to experience a faster and more successful treatment process and to do this at less cost.

If the evaluation is positive, our project will be initiated with the support of the Agency and will be completed within the following 11 months.